Easter egg hunts. They're meant to be fun for the kids and for the parents. They can be chaotic but we love seeing our kids have a good time and partake in a fun tradition in the community, so we suck it up and go.

For me, when I was growing up, my parents gave me a bucket to collect as many eggs as I could as long as I was respectful and didn't push and shove and be an overall jerk while collecting the coveted eggs.

The one time that I was being a little jerk during the hunt, my mom let me finish the hunt but then made me put back all of the eggs that I collected and give them to other kids because of my behavior. Lesson learned.

Recently though, and I've witnessed this over the past few years even when we were living in another state, many of the parents are now the ones that need to have reminders about being respectful. And it's annoying and downright sad.

We've been to two Easter egg hunts this year and on both occasions, there were parents with their kids in the roped-off area scooping up eggs and getting in other kids' way of getting their eggs. We were dealing with that and having their older kids go into the hunts that are designed for younger kids. A few parents got busted for this but several others did not and that's just sad.

The really little kids, I get it, walk with the kiddos and help them a little but no need to run interference on any other kids or parents but the crazy thing is, I saw this going on in the hunt that was roped off for 6-7-year-olds.

Kids at that age for the most part are plenty old enough to be digging for their own eggs and if your child needs assistance, that's 100% okay, but just be a little respectful about it.

We as parents have to be the ones that set examples of good behavior and while a high majority of parents were doing the right things by standing outside the hunt area, letting their kids do their thing and sneak into an extra hunt for a lower age group, there were too many that were scooping up eggs, being greedy and getting in other kids' way which overall was just embarrassing and not cool at all.

While this year's Easter Egg hunt experience has been less than stellar, at least none of them got to these levels.

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Clearly, this has been a trend that's been going on for a while now as this next video was posted back in 2012. Time to stop the madness.

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