I have been to an Aldi store once, maybe twice my entire life. The only one I remember specifically going to was when I was in the UK and we went to go get a couple of items for a picnic in the country. What I do know is that my mom raved about it when she had an Aldi by her previous home.

German Discount Grocery Chain Aldi Makes Major Inroads In U.S.
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What's So Great About Aldi Grocery Stores?

From what I gather, Aldi is a no-frills, affordable, and good-quality food type of grocery store. The people that I know that have an Aldi grocery store near them seem to absolutely love the grocery chain too.

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No Added Colors at Aldi

Aldi grocery stores do not allow synthetic colors in the foods they sell at their grocery stores. Instead, Aldi insists on using foods that have been colored with plant-based colored pigments such as paprika, turmeric, and beet juice.  Aldi also does not allow monosodium glutamate (MSG) in the foods sold in their grocery stores. To add the cherry on top, Aldi offers BPA-free packaging on their products.

German Grocery Chain Aldi To Invest $3.4 Billion Into U.S. Stores
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According to Taste of Home, Aldi's prices on groceries are cheap mainly because around 90 percent of their groceries are private labels and not brand names. The brand name products at Aldi are usually overstock products bought at a cheaper price.

Would Aldi be a Great Grocery Store in Colorado?

I certainly think so. What about you? We would love to hear your feedback and maybe, just maybe, we can convince Aldi to come to Colorado.

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