On a whim, I hit I-70 West and was originally going to go to Idaho Springs but got off the freeway a couple of exits before I was supposed to...I decided to keep driving and I'm glad I did.

It allowed me to stumble upon Central City, which was everything that I was looking for  — an old west throwback town that continues to thrive while still holding on to its roots and historic charm.

Once I got around a bend and over the bridge...Central City came into sight and was about a cool and picturesque as I could've ever imagined.

A historic mountain town claiming to be the "Richest Mile In The West" nestled in and surrounded by towering peaks with blotches of yellow aspens in full color on a bright sun soaked day at about 8,500 feet above sea level.

So I parked my car, grabbed my coffee and began to walk around, explore and talk to some really cool people who weren't afraid to let a stranger in and give him a little history about their town. Central City USA...my kinda town. Here are a few of the sights that I was able to capture on my fun little day trip.

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