Many celebrities either visit Colorado frequently or have even made it their second home, to escape the hustle and bustle of places like Hollywood and New York City. Famous people like Arnold Schwarzenegger, William H. Macy, and Katherine Heigl have often been seen out and about in the Centennial State, doing everyday activities, such as shopping or dining at local restaurants.

Here, celebrities feel as though they can walk down the sidewalk without being bombarded by the paparazzi. That being said, it's still exciting to encounter a celebrity in Colorado, especially if it's in a place you'd least expect.

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Award-winning actor Jason Segel was recently seen spending some time in Colorado over the Thanksgiving holiday, alongside his new girlfriend, Kayla Randsomski, who is a Denver native.

Segel and Randsomski paid a visit to the Denver Zoo, where they got up close and personal with the flamingo flock, fed a giraffe, and hung with several other animals on-site. Fans were delighted to see the couple's caring attitude towards the animals.

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On Saturday (November 25), Segel enjoyed a delicious dinner at Osaka Ramen, where he was kind enough to snap a photo with the restaurant's owners. The staff at Osaka Ramen noted that he "couldn't have been nicer" during his visit. When asked how Segel decided to eat at Osaka Ramen, he explained that he had Googled the best ramen place in Denver - stars, they're just like us!

A few more Coloradans mentioned seeing Segel throughout his vacation at other downtown locations, like The Denver Central Market, Maggiano's, and the Rocky Mountain Airport. Everyone who encountered the celebrity commented on how gracious and humble he was.

Segel is most known for starring in movies such as Forgetting Sarah Marshall, The Five-Year Engagement, and Knocked Up. He also played prominent roles in multiple television series including How I Met Your Mother, Shrinking, and Freaks and Geeks.

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