Thousands of planes pass through Colorado, often stopping at airports throughout the state to reload or refuel. Many of these massive aircraft look alike, but occasionally, a rare or interesting airplane is seen parked at one of Colorado's terminals.

Recently, the Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport shared a photo of an aircraft spotted on the runway, featuring the face of a celebrity. The plane had some curious people wondering whether Lisa Vanderpump herself was making a stop in the Centennial State. Or maybe it had to do with rescue dogs being brought here.

So, what was the Vanderpump jet doing at this small airport in Broomfield, Colorado?

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The aircraft belongs to JetSuiteX– an independent regional airline that offers short-haul flights on semi-private jets.

According to JSX's Marketing and Communications Director, Ben Kaufman, the aircraft is marked with a Vanderpump Dogs design to highlight Jet SuiteX's partnership with Lisa Vanderpump’s 501c3 organization, to which the airline company is an annual donor.

Vanderpump Dogs is an international non-profit rescue organization working on domestic and international fronts to create a better world for dogs. The canine-focused foundation was founded by Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd, who are both passionate about the welfare of animals. The celebrity couple is also known for their multiple endeavors in the restaurant industry, as well as appearances on reality television, including on their own Bravo series, Vanderpump Rules.

The collaboration between Vanderpump and JSX is a philanthropic initiative to benefit The Vanderpump Dog Foundation. One dollar per person flying with the airline is donated to the Vanderpump Dog Foundation. This partnership went into place in late 2019 and is why the activist's face and foundation's logo now adorns the tails of some of JSX's planes.

JSX allows cats and dogs to be transported by customers in-cabin for $100 each way.

The jet seen at Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport is not operated by the Vanderpump Dog Foundation, but it still made for a cool sighting on the runway.

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