The bad news: the wind isn't going away anytime in the near future for us here in Colorado.

The good news: it's going to be warmer all week with temperatures in the mid-60s on Monday and then in the 70s pushing 80 by mid and late week.

So yeah, big difference when you're talking about 30-40 mph wind gusts when it's 50 degrees as opposed to those gusts hitting when it's about 20-25 degrees warmer. Still a bit annoying, but less biting with the cold.

Another thing to remember about these winds and gusts, and this is probably the biggest issue we Coloradans have to deal with, is the fire danger. Dry conditions will remain throughout the week with fire weather and red flag warnings to be in effect for most of the week.  


We've already had an early start to the fire season, which seems to be more of a most of the year sort of threat anymore.



There was also a fire out near Lyons over the weekend as well.

2020 Cameron Peak Fire

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