I am back to work after a wonderful week off. I love my job but I need a break now and then. I did what I wanted to do which was absolutely nothing. This job requires getting up at 3 am so I am usually in bed by 8. The thing I love to do on my vacations is stay up late and sleep in late. I was up until after midnight each night and slept in until after 8. I was in heaven.

vanessa popcorn

I did do some laundry and took care of household things but concentrated on eating popcorn with my daughter and playing with my grandson until he passed out each night. I made a vow to myself to not touch my email or Facebook for the whole week and it was awesome. I found that I loved being off the grid. I found that living life instead of posting about it was much more fun. If you truly want to get away mentally you need to try this. I found that I really didn't miss knowing who was eating at Village Inn or who was mad and not going to take it anymore or

doodle nap

invited me to play Lucky Slots. It was a great week away from everything.

I am back and plugged in but my hand is on the cord and look forward to when I can unplug again. Live your life and remember what is and isn't important. Find your happy.

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