Today we remember those whom we've lost.

It's a heavy day today. This is the day that we remember the men and women who were brave enough to put on that uniform and who paid the ultimate price for our freedom. We hear the phrase "freedom is not free" a lot and it's true. Freedom has been and continues to be bought and paid for by the sacrifices our servicemembers have made.

The very thought that someone I don't even know has died so that I can live a free life is incredibly humbling.

I've always recognized the gravity of this day, but this year I'm experiencing it a little differently. A friend of mine recently lost her husband due to his commitment to this nation. They had just had their second child and the world was at their fingertips. I will never understand fully what she and her family are going through, as I have not walked in those shoes, but it weighs so heavy on my heart.

It's important to recognize his sacrifice and those of countless others throughout our nation's history, but how do you say thank you to someone who isn't here?

My best guess is to first embrace what they fought for. Our freedom. Live it out. Otherwise why do we have it? My next guess would be to love on those who have been left behind. Their families, their loved ones, their friends, their fellow soldiers.

So to all of you who have lost someone who answered the call of duty... Thank you.

In my experience with military families, the sacrifices don't stop with the one in uniform. There are sacrifices made by everyone around them, especially their spouses and children. From missing holidays and special events to packing up their entire lives to move to the next base, fort or station. And then there's losing them completely.

To those spouses and children, I can't thank you enough. Thank you for supporting your soldier even at the risk of losing them. I can only imagine how painful it is and how torn you must feel. Your soldier took on an incredibly selfless role and you must feel so proud. And yet, that pride can't fill the void you have in your life.

To you and your soldier, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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