Halloween is just around the corner. The night for kids to dress up and get sacks full of candy. Adults will dress up in costumes and go to bars for costume contests and drinks with eyeballs in them and so on. There is a way for people of all ages to celebrate the day.

Now going out to bar may be fun and all but there is something missing when you don't go door to door and see a ton of different people. The fun does not have to end when you get to be an adult. There a couple of ways you can go out if you are an adult. My parents used to do a thing called Trick or Drinking. They would put a cocktail glass on a chain around their necks and go their friends house all dressed up, ringing door bells and seeking cocktails. I love this.

Another cool thing is Reverse Trick or Treating. That is where, as adults, you dress up in costume and ring the doorbells except instead of asking for candy, you are carrying the bags of candy and just deliver them to the person answering the door. You won't believe the looks you get. When a kid answers the door and gets a bag of candy, it's a very cool reaction. You don't have to be a kid to have fun this Halloween.

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