Colorado is littered with old mining buildings, sometimes entire towns. See how Dunton Hot Springs went from 1880s ghost town to luxury getaway, without losing its historic charm.

Recentily featured by CNN Travel, Dunton Hot Springs was originally settled because the springs meant minerals. Now, the springs mean rest, relaxation and a spa day for visitors, Christina Rossi, the director of marketing, tells CNN.

Supposedly, you can drink at the bar where Butch Cassidy once did, and you can see what the town used to look like here.

What it looks like now is pretty stunning, which is why it could run you north of $2100 per night. So, you'd have to already have struck gold to be able to vacation there, and for that price, I'd better be haunted by the ghost of a dead pioneer.

Via @Carolinaxoneill on Instagram 

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