Just 6 more days until the NFL season kicks off! I am a football fanatic and cannot wait. The time from February to September is the longest 6 months for any fan and it is over. I have come up what I believe are the 9 biggest reasons to watch the NFL this year.

9.  See how the 4 rookie starting QB's perform- RG3 in Washington, Andrew Luck in Indy, Ryan Tannehill in Miami and Russell Wilson in Seattle have all been given the ball as rookies. Will they be a boom or bust?

8. The Bronco Defense- This crew were the heroes last year. They kept us in games by allowing less than 14 points a game in many cases and allowed Tebow to be in position to do what he did best and steal the victories at the end. Can't wait to see what they can do with Jack Del Rio as the new man in charge and Von Miller with another year under his belt.

7. The NFC North Offenses- This division could be the best in football this year. My beloved Vikings will more than likely end up on the bottom but the Lions, Packers and Bears should all be very fun to watch. Cutler and Marshall being reunited in Chicago should equal a lot of points on the board. The Packers with Aaron Rodgers are always a treat to watch and the Lions could really be something special this year.

6. Cam Newton- The second year QB for Carolina had an amazing rookie year and should be even better this year.

5. What will the Jets do with Tim ?- I am a big Tebow fan and an quite curious as to what the Jets will do to utilize his talents. I am not a Jets fan but I wish nothing but the best and success for Tebow.


4. Will the Eagles under achieve again?- I love watching teams that try to buy a championship go down the toilet. The Eagles were a swirling bowl of disaster last year. Will they be what they were supposed to be?

3. Can the Giants repeat? - I never imagined that Eli Manning would have more rings than Peyton but he does. Can he get a third this year?

2. Will the Saints rise above the chaos? - New Orleans had the most bizarre off season of any team. With no head coach and a defensive coordinator suspended for life and several player suspended as well, will they have enough talent to compete?

1. Peyton Manning - The new Bronco QB looked awesome in his final preseason game and seems ready to lead the Broncos to the promised land. Can his neck hold up? Could it be a Manning Super Bowl? I can't wait to see how it all plays out starting next Wednesday.

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