Dating can be kind of difficult sometimes whether you're getting back into the dating game or if you just get nervous for a first date.

So, to help calm the dating nerves, here are some things you should avoid.

1. Drinking too much.
This is a good way to make a date go south quick. Having drinks and getting plastered might be the difference between a second date and a ghosting.


2. Constantly checking on your phone.
This just shows that you aren't interested, even if you might be. Pay attention to the person you're with, just common curtesy. 

3. Sharing too much personal information.
This can make you seem overly needy, sharing experiences is a great way to connect to someone but oversharing could push them away.

4. Being a one-upper.
No one likes that person. If your date shares an experience there's no problem sharing your perspective on a similar experience, but trying to one-up them never works out in your favor.

5. Professing your love for your date and heaping on compliments.
Coming on too strong often pushes people away. Compliments are nice, but when its every other minute its just overwhelming.

6. Going to a movie.
You don't get to know the person because you can't talk. Or worse, the dinner date doesn't go well and then you're stuck together for a couple of hours.

7. Being too touchy.
A brief contact on the hand is fine, but putting an arm around me or grabbing my leg or something just feels too possessive and uncomfortable.

8. Setting too high of expectations and making long term plans.
I call this over-investing, and most of the time this just leads to disappointment and unrealistic expectations for this person you just met.


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