Think back to the days when you were in high school. Did you get to go to the prom? Maybe you went and you had a horrible time and your date made it the worst time of your life. Maybe you didn't even get the opportunity to go to your high school prom.


If you went to prom and it was amazing, you went and it was horrible, or you never go to go, you still have a chance. There will be a fun event happening this month in Northern Colorado involving prom. Who says that only teenagers get to partake in prom?

Adult Prom Party in Northern Colorado

Get dressed up in your finest prom attire and get ready to have an adults-only prom in Greeley, Colorado. 477 Distilling is hosting an adult prom night at the distillery and it looks like it will be a blast.

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477 Distilling's adult prom night will happen on Friday, April 26 at 7 p.m. Attendees should dress up in their best prom outfits for the event. Not only will this be a great time, it will be a good deal too... Depending on when you graduated.


477 Distilling will be offering a discount during the adult prom based on when you graduated high school. For example, if you happen to have graduated in 2000, your discount will be 24 percent off. 477 Distilling's adult prom night will be 90's themed with dancing, a photo wall, and specialty punch cocktails that evening.

For more information on 477 Distilling's adult prom night, check out the event on Facebook.

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