It is all too easy to underrate the therapeutic benefits of a hike - until you're on one again and you have that big "Oh yeah!" moment.

There are a lot of reasons why we put off that next hike. Work, family, life, blah blah.

For me, it's those things, but also - I want to go somewhere new, awesome, and preferably close by, in order to minimize the demand on my time.

Since National Trails Day was Saturday, Friday saw the release of this most updated hiking map, which is part of Governor John Hickenlooper's "Colorado the Beautiful" initiative.

This is insane! Click the image below, and enjoy!

Battle Of Waterloo
Getty Images

Some of my favorite hikes:

  • The Nature Conservancy in Boulder
  • Lory State Park
  • Vedauwoo Campground near Buford, WY
  • This month, I plan to see what the hiking is like near Steamboat, and check off another obligatory, outdoor activity there!

Where do you like to go?

Also worth a read:  9 News' "How Not to Be a Jerk When Hiking The Trails."

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