Lions are such regal creatures and to see one in person, even if it's from a distance and safely behind glass (thankfully), it's one of the coolest things about going to the zoo.

Down at the Denver Zoo, they have lots of awesome displays and exhibits, and the lions are usually one of the main events when it comes to a visit. And on Tuesday, there was a very special birthday that was being celebrated.

The birthday of four African Lion brothers who just celebrated their 7th birthday on Tuesday,  May 17th.

Let's hear it for Bahati, Usiku, Jasiri, and Kito who are all getting birthday cake. Okay, I don't know if lions can actually have cake but maybe they'll just get an extra portion of meat today? Birthday meat works right? Especially for lions.

If you'd like to take a visit down to the Denver Zoo and wish these guys a happy belated birthday and check out all of the other awesomeness that the zoo has to offer, you can visit 7 days a week as they are open 9am-5pm every day.

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