A vintage toy collector in Longmont says he had almost $30,000 in toys, action figures and other rare items stolen from his storage unit.

Twenty-two years ago Mark Vanzee began holding onto various toys. He would collect hot wheels, cartoon characters and most any toy from the 80's he could get his hands on.

Vanzee spoke with CBS Denver News:

I always just loved the toys from the 80s, toys that I grew up with. The G.I. Joe is a pretty hot market right now. The 80s genre stuff is starting to come back around and soar in value.

Vanzee was storing a lot of his collectables in what he thought was a secure storiage unit.

Vanzee is asking for the public's help in finding his stolen items. If you have any information on this case please call the Longmont police at (303) 651-8555

Source: CBS 4

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