Many are dealing with leaking roofs and flooding basements with all of the rain lately, here are a few ways to protect yourself, your basement and your pocketbook.

Weather Flooding ThinkStock
Weather Flooding ThinkStock

Unfortunately when you are dealing with flooding and the potential damage of your property the first line of defense is always going to be prevention.

When preventing potential water damage look around the house and find ways to divert the water away from your home. Sometimes this is as simple as using extenders on your rain gutter down spouts. And make sure that the ground near and around the spouts slopes slightly away from the house.

Surprisingly so many people forget all about cleaning out the gutters in the spring and end up with clogged gutters. This can cause the water to back up creating a prime situation for the excess water to fall directly against the foundation of your home. In time, this can cause damage and basement flooding.

In the rain it is a good idea to walk around the house and check for any areas where the water is directly hitting your home. You definitely need to get a hold of a local landscaper or even an excavation contractor to help come up with a game plan to resolve the issue before there is damage.

In the end it isn't a bad idea either to install a sump pump and even a back up sump pump.

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