Today is going to be one of those days in Northern Colorado where you could see a little bit of everything weather-wise. Let's call it a chance of "thundersnow" showers depending on where you live.

According to KDVR, after a mild and calm start this morning, we are about to have a WILD 24 hours of weather...with some thunderstorms, heavy rain and oh yeah a possibility of some snow.

The day looks to be starting with rain, eventually evolving to thunderstorms and depending on where you live (most likely in the foothills especially South of Fort Collins and Loveland) could see 1-2 feet of snow.  For the most part, we here in NoCo won't need to worry about the snow too much...if at all.

It's going to be a fast moving storm that's expected to taper-off after the morning rush hour on Wednesday.

Something I've learned about my first Spring in Colorado is's crazier than ANY ex I've ever had and to expect anything at any time on any day.


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