I am a firm believer that Colorado is a phenomenal place to live. I am incredibly proud to live here and I feel extremely lucky. I have a lot of friends and family members who live across the country. When we discuss how our lives are and the challenges we face.

Yes, we have room for improvement in Colorado. Our crime and cost of living are rising at an alarming pace. However, our problems are much smaller compared to the issues that other Americans face.

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Colorado's problems are starting to stack up, though. Due to multiple factors, Colorado dropped out of the top ten best states to live in across the United States last year. Unfortunately, we have once again dropped in best state rankings leading into 2024.

Where Colorado Ranked


Last August, Colorado dropped out of the top ten states to live in. It was considerably shocking news considering that Colorado has been in the top ten for a very long time.

US News released their new ranking of the best and worst states to call home. Our neighbors in Utah were given the crown in 2024 for being the best state to live in.

Colorado on the other hand ranked at #15.

Why Colorado Dropped


Colorado primarily dropped due to the high rate of crime. According to the data, Colorado is the fifth most dangerous state in the nation. Our violent crime rate is significantly higher than the average across the nation.

Additionally, Colorado ranked poorly in the opportunity category. Opportunity boils down to affordability and economic opportunities. Most of us know that Colorado is incredibly expensive to live in. We are the eighth most expensive state to call home.

Where Colorado Did Best


Colorado's education system was ranked among the best in the country. Our public and private schools were ranked fourth best in the nation. Colorado's economy is also booming.

Our opportunities for affordability look grim at the moment, but if the economy continues to grow at this rate in Colorado, it is only a matter of time before everything else falls into place.

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