Add trigger words like "hole," "blow," or "boob" to the beginning or end of any word, and it sounds dirty. These 10 words definitely seem like they'd be dirty, but are actually not dirty by definition.

  • 1


    A small slit or opening in a wall to let in sunlight or fresh air.

  • 2


    A hot, arid wind - one that blows seasonally in the lowlands of western Indonesia.

  • 3


    No, it's not the fear of penises (although I'm sure that may exist). Peniaphobia is the fear of poverty.

  • 4


    Yikes! Graphic images. Actually, to bumfiddle means to pollute or spoil something, for example, drawing on a document to make it invalid. A bumfiddler is an individual who does just that.

  • 5


    The count of 13 from a traditional rural British counting system. Tether was a Lake District name for the number 3, and dick was the number 10.

  • 6


    Pronounced ah-holy-holy, aholehole is a species of Hawaiian flagtail fish native to the central Pacific.

  • 7


    I feel like this word shouldn't be on the list, because, not only is it suggestive, but it basically means what it sounds like - "to rush or jolt forward suddenly." Yep, pretty close.

  • 8


    The opening in a glassmaker's furnace through which fuel is added. Because the hyphen makes it a lot less dirty.

  • 9


    A type of oil obtained from seeds of the Indian beech tree, Pongamia pinnata. It's used in southern India as a skin treatment and replacement for diesel in engines and generators.

  • 10


    The sail attached to a ship's foremast, a.k.a. fukmast.

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