There's good and there's not so good in any and every place in America and Greeley, Colorado is no different. If you or someone you know is thinking about moving to Greeley anytime soon, there are a few things to think long and hard about and take into consideration before taking that plunge.

Moving is never an easy thing so when you do have to make one, you want to make sure it is the best possible situation for you and your family.

Northern Colorado has been a hotspot for several years now and when it comes to finding the right combo of location, affordability and quality of life it can be pretty tough these days.

Many people seem to think that Greeley fits their needs and lifestyle and they may be right but I'm here to tell, they're not.

You may THINK it's a good idea to relocate and call Greeley home but as it turns out, it could be the worst decision you ever end up making...and I'm pretty sure many of the locals think so too. Here are a few reasons why:


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