Colorado is a wonderful state. It has so much to offer from great weather most of the time, scenery, the 4 seasons (which sometimes you can experience all in the same day) a pretty strong economy and places that have a dynamic quality of life and great schools.



However, just like every other state there are places that aren't so great and places that are simply downright depressing and in many cases flat out dangerous.



For most people that live in these places, there's either not a way out, whether it be financially or it could be that they themselves are just used to that particular place and simply don't want to leave and it's the only place they've ever known.

This website called put together a list of the 10 poorest towns in Colorado with one of them actually being right here in Northern Colorado in Weld County.

Here's why and how they came up with this data:


"Like all states, Colorado has certain places that are going on hard times. These places have an above average percent of people that are living in poverty, out of work, or not making as much as they should be.


With all the talk about income inequality going on around the country, we thought it prudent to take a look at the places in each state that are struggling to make it even as the economy continues to improve.


So we set our sites on bringing attention to the places in Colorado that could use a helping hand.


To do so, we analyzed the newest Census data from the American Community Survey for the 80 places in Colorado with more than 5,000 people."



Some of the stuff that these towns have in common are the amount of people living in poverty, jobs (or lack there of) lack of decent schools and just overall depressing levels.

Here is the list of the 10 poorest towns in Colorado put together by

Here are the ten poorest places in Colorado for 2022:

  1. Alamosa
  2. Trinidad
  3. Delta
  4. Pueblo
  5. Gunnison
  6. Lamar
  7. Cortez
  8. Montrose
  9. Sterling
  10. Evans


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