This story makes my blood boil. Whilst perusing Facebook today I discovered a post from Breeze Thru Car Wash with photos of a woman who stole a car seat from the back of another customer’s car! The victim actually had to call someone to bring another car seat so they could get their child home safely.

This happened at the car wash on Mulberry and Lemay, check out the photos they posted below and let police know if you have any leads.

Here is what Breeze Thru posted about the theft:

If anyone recognizes the car or knows who the woman is please contact the Fort Collins police and report number 12-3876. She hung around for over and hour and half waiting for an opportunity to steal something. She smiled at the man and his… son in a black MDX and then took the car seat right out from under him. The Black VW Jetta has tape around the front passenger side headlight. The man had to call someone to bring him a baby car seat so he could safely take his son home. If you live in Fort Collins please share this and maybe this person can be identified and held accountable for stealing a baby seat.

The theft took place Monday March 19, 2012.

Absolutely despicable!

I can’t fathom the idea of stealing things from other people, let alone a baby’s car seat! I really hope someone has info that can lead police to her front door. Thank goodness for surveillance video.

As a new dad myself, I can only imagine what a shock it must have been for the victim to turn around and find the car seat removed. (And let me tell you car seats are NOT cheap either.)

Have you ever turned anyone in for committing a crime?