Many still ask if Journey 4 Justice is still around and the answer is a resounding yes thanks to many great people across this country starting with Team Topeka who have been on the streets of Topeka every single weekend literally for the past 8 lie!  So, now the warm weather is here it's time for the rest of us to step up to the plate and give them a bit of  a break.

{After reading this story and if it touches your heart and want to get involved or help spread our word the please make sure to share this story on your page and perhaps the pages of some of your friends.  All pictures in this story have not run since the first story and are the original pictures.}

Hard to believe it's been almost a year since that epic ride to Topeka Kansas.  I remember saying in a story before I even left that the trip out there probably wouldn't do any good but it was going to make me feel good that I tried to do something.  I had no idea what the was at the time but I was going anyway just to let Americas Most Hated Family know what it felt like to have their privacy invaded.  You know, give them a little taste of their own medicine.

We all know the rest is history because that ride did in fact make a difference. It made a huge difference because we proved to the country that you can legally piss in someone's Wheaties and that ride was proof of how it was done.

That original story is now logged on over 200 websites across the world after it went viral the first few days it was published back in June of 2011 and out of that story and the almost 700 comments gave birth to Journey 4 Justice because there were hundreds who wanted to do the same thing and most couldn't believe it hadn't been done before.  4 guys from Colorado who had enough went to make a statement and a statement they in fact made.

Teams formed from all over the entire country and started coming and they kept coming and coming.  They came from Minnesota!  They traveled from Mississippi and New York!  They appeared in droves from Colorado and Texas would not be left out as well.  Nebraska 2 brought 13 and others came from Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska and all points in between so they too could ruin the day and invade the privacy of America's Most Hated Family in a legal and peaceful way.

We have never loved to be loathed so much!  It's actually addicting as any member who has been to Topeka will tell you!

We had a National Rally that had over 200 people from 12 States on hand whom traveled a total of about 100,000 miles to do the right thing and have a little fun in the meantime.

So here we are, 2012!  Warm weather is on hand and as I said in the opening it's time to give Team Topeka a break.   I personally have already scheduled 3 trips to represent Colorado 1 because I am one of those guys who does what he says and I am hoping all you others that were so excited last year and formed teams will also honor those words and schedule your one trip to Topeka.

I am not going to name names but you all know who you are. I honored your word, had team pages on our website built for you and supported you all every step of the way so all I'm asking is that all of you honor your word as well and schedule that trip to Topeka. There are those who talk about things and those who do things:  Which are you?

We are talking about the American Flag and what is right and wrong in this country.  It's why all of you joined Journey 4 Justice.  Teams have come from as far away as New York, Ohio, Mississippi, Texas and Minnesota just to name some of those long distance teams.  In fact, Mississippi has been on two [2] J4J trips to Topeka.  Thank you Tommy Watson!!!

You are all true Patriots, I know it and you know it!  So if you have a team let's get a trip scheduled and if you want to form a team, even better!

The team trip calendar is on the front page of our official website. Just look for an open weekend and then send me a message so I can put it on the website for others to see when they start planning their trips.  If your already a member on the website then just create the event and post it.  You can also like us on FB and join in the conversations...


The 2012 National Rally is also being planned for September again and we will be using the Topeka KOA this year.  The idea is for Journey 4 Justice members to rent the whole place so if your are planning on camping at the rally, bringing and RV or camper you can click here and book that spot at the Topeka KOA. Mention you are a J4J member for a discount.

Keep in mind that we realize gas is approaching $4 a gallon which is why you see most members of our group on motorcycles but riding has nothing to do with it.  The idea is to just get to Topeka with your State flag and wave it proudly.  If your lucky enough, you will find America's Most Hated Family on a street corner somewhere and I will let you find out what happens next on your own but you can trust me when I say, it will give you the best feeling you've ever had knowing what you just did!

2011 National Rally Drive By

"Clyde" leaving a message

J4J members trying to go to church