For decades now we have been saying "it's Friday, say Habajeeba." What does it mean? It is a made up word. If you look it up, it means nothing. When I was younger, me and my friends Darryl and Jeff were drinking mass quantities of Michelob dark when one of us shouted Habajeeba. We thought it was a fun word and started using it as a word to show excitement or enthusiasm for something. What could be more enthusiastic than a Friday? We started using it as our Friday battle cry. When I became the morning guy here at K99 I said it to Todd one Friday on the air and it has stuck ever since. Even one of our online listeners from France, Fabrice, calls us on Fridays to say it.

Habajeeba means nothing more than "woo hoo!" It is a way to exclaim joy and relief. Making it to a Friday certainly calls for a Habajeeba so spread one around today. Habajeeba my friend....enjoy the weekend.

Once a year we do a comedy variety show called the Habajeeba Good Time Variety Happy Hour Comedy Show. Check out some clips from last years show here.