On this date back in 1986 I was clueless 20 years young man about to be a father and a husband. I took the hand of my high school sweetheart Kyla. Kyla is a couple years older than me and used to hang out with my brother but I somehow swayed her to my side with my wit and charm. 27 years is a long time and I am so lucky she has stuck with me.

Photo by Jenny Harding

We have had our struggles through the years. We have disagreed, we have encountered financial troubles, family troubles and every type of obstacle that you can imagine but have never given up on each other or us. She is still my best friend and the person I look forward to sharing everything with. I still can't wait for her to get home each day and find myself looking out the window like a dog waiting for her arrival. We love to laugh and that is the one thing we have always had in common. We are very different people who would never have been called a match by any computer dating service. We are nothing alike, which is why it works. Todd and I are as different as can be and have lasted 25 years too. It shows that opposites not only attract but work well together. I am strong where she is weak and she is strong where I am weak. That makes one strong unit when you put it together. She has also been the greatest mother and grandmother a man could hope to spend his life with. Thank you for your love, friendship, kindness, support, forgiveness and companionship. I am honored to be your "butthead". Happy Anniversary Kyla.

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