Like many in American I watched the vice presidential debate last night. I am always blown away by the difference in opinion of people who all watched the same thing but saw it very differently. I have seen polls that say Biden won and I have seen polls that say Ryan won. I am not sure. I know that Biden found Ryan to be funnier than Ron White. He seemed quite amused. I kept waiting for him to jump over the desk and eat Ryan's ear like Mike Tyson. I am not sure anyone had their mind made up by what occurred on stage last night.

I do know that most of us feel that the tone of the political race has taken such a negative  slant lately that we all have a bitter taste in our mouths from the whole process. I think it has gotten more and more ugly and mean spirited and has not been a rallying cry for American pride. I then read all the nasty things people write in the social media about the candidates and realize that the tone of the race is just a reflection on the tone of our society. We seem way to angry and mean these days. I have come to the conclusion that what this country needs is a change of attitude. The best way to attain this is to elect a comedian to office. It would cheer up the nation and put smiles on our faces. I proposed we elect Larry The President Guy. Meetings at the U.N. would never be the same. Come on America...Git Er Done!!