Everyone seems to be taking the Presidential Election ever so serious, and you should.  There is a lot at stake this time around. However, that doesn't mean you can't take your serious side and have some fun with it.

We still need to slow down and think about what we are voting on while listening to the debate tonight.  Each side will try and blow smoke up our tailpipes and we need to decipher through it all to make an educated decision come November.

So why not drink yourself silly like we did back in the day with The Bob Newhart show. Anyone remember that one?  If so, this new game is right up your alley. So please feel free to download this game and share it on FB (I stole it anyway) so we can all keep our sanity this evening and throughout the debates.

It'll be fun and don't forget to come back to this blog later tonight or tomorrow and give me your beer count and good luck to all!