Football and food go together. You can't have a Bronco party without some tasty treats to go along with the game. I have many favorites, like those little sausages wrapped in crescent rolls, and of course chips and a killer dip. I have the greatest Bronco Sunday dip recipe ever. This is the perfect dip. It is orange, tastes like hot wings and it kicks your butt.

Here we go. This is all you need for my Bronco Gameday Kickin Chicken Dip.

Get your crockpot fired up and fill it with this...

-One can of chicken. Use a fork to fluff it up

-One block of cream cheese

-A big ol handful of cheddar cheese

-One half of a bottle of wing sauce ( I use Frank's Wing Sauce)

-I hate Ranch dressing but some like adding a cup of dressing

Let it all melt together and dip with chips, bagels, fingers or whatever fits in there. Happy football!!!