Matt Damon

Matt Damon Dives into Sci-Fi, Will it Fly or Die?
So the premise is not too far from where we've been before in similar type movies. The world has changed, the elite continue to thrive and the poor become poorer and seemingly enslaved. Will Matt Damon make this venture into Sci-Fi? Or as I like to put it, will it fly or die?
Matt Damon Snaps at Press While Defending Teachers [VIDEO]
At the Save Our Schools Million Teacher March in Washington DC on July 30th, actor Matt Damon was grilled on his feelings about public school educators. Damon, who attended public school in Boston as a youth and whose own mother is a public school teacher, made some impassioned remarks in defense of…
What if You DON’T See This Movie?
The #2 movie at the box-office over the weekend was “The Adjustment Bureau” starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt. I had the opportunity to see it at the Metrolux 14, and I really think you should see it as well!