So the premise is not too far from where we've been before in similar type movies. The world has changed, the elite continue to thrive and the poor become poorer and seemingly enslaved. Will Matt Damon make this venture into Sci-Fi? Or as I like to put it, will it fly or die?

The movie is set in the year 2154, of course mankind is divided into two classes (what only two?) Only 1% of the population have been "saved" and live on Elysium where there is no war, poverty or even illness. Matt Damon is a laborer who is exposed to lethal amounts of radiation and will expire within the week. His only chance to save himself is to get to Elysium, so he's 'robotized' and the story begins.

Early reports are giving Elysium about a 67% out of 100%, not bad. Maybe, just maybe Damon will make this revised-somewhat similar sci-fi fly!


  • It really is better up there, the movie spends way too much time with little Max (Damon) always wanting to live there when he grew up.
  • Damon and Foster (Jodie Foster, the 'leader' of Elysium) equal pure power
  • Robots rule
  • Political overtones, in fact there has been some flak given to the movie and more or less Damon over them
  • Ex-Soldier for hire, Kruger, has some of the best action and clever dialogue

Elysium is directed by District 9 director Neil Blomkamp.