Brian (Barely) Remembers Prom – ReProm Tomorrow
Your high school prom is supposed to be one of your biggest memories of growing up but for some of us prom was a nightmare. I know a guy who was actually asked to leave his prom because of his behavior and told he could not come to prom the next year either…o.k. it was me, but I know there are many …
Win A Las Vegas or Jackson Hole Vacation!
So you probably already know ReProm is this Saturday! And I'm sure you know that ReProm will be at the Embassy Suites just off I-25. And you've GOT to know there is a STELLAR new band. But did you know there are AWESOME prizes we're giving away?!
ReProm Is New This Year
ReProm 2011 (Brought to us by Qdoba Mexican Grill) is a great way to relive (or retry) your prom night! It's a fun night out that raises funds for safe high school after prom events for teens. There is a lot that's new for ReProm this year, a new location, a new band, and more prizes!
ReProm Less Than Two Weeks Away!
Get your tickets now, ReProm is just two weeks away. If you've gone before, you'll love the changes. If you've never been, this is a great year to check it out with lots of big changes!