Your high school prom is supposed to be one of your biggest memories of growing up but for some of us prom was a nightmare. I know a guy who was actually asked to leave his prom because of his behavior and told he could not come to prom the next year either…o.k. it was me, but I know there are many people whose prom was destroyed by their immaturity or things beyond their control like going into the service or having to work. Many years ago we were sitting around talking about prom memories and thought it would be so cool if we could do prom now, with the one we were meant to be with, and Reprom was created. Reprom is such a magical evening, it is that chance for a rare special night out with the one you love, we never get those chances anymore with life as busy as it is.

This Saturday night take a trip back in time and relive prom or live it for the first time. You can dust off the powder blue tux or the orange one that looks like a sick pumpkin or get all black tied up and go have a night to remember. You will see all kinds or interesting prom outfits and feel magic in the air. It is a night of fun and romance you won’t want to miss. Tickets are still available, get yours today and don’t miss out a night you never forget.

Here are details about ReProm:

Saturday night (3/26) @ 7 p.m.

at the Embassy Suites in Loveland.

The cost is $40 per couple.