Christmas Traditions

Christmas Cards: What do you do With Them?
When I check the mail and see what must be Christmas cards, as it is that time of year, I get a bit like a kid and short of running into the house to open them I open them as soon as I get in the house.
Do you Make a Christmas Wishlist for your Family? [POLL]
I am usually the hardest person to buy for is what my family tells me year after year, but seriously, if it is a kitchen gadget, I'll be happy. But yes, I do create lists, I see it this way for me and them it's nice to get what you want AND to be surprised!
Dear Santa, I’m Making Lefse For You
I got a 'big wonderful scoop of family' this past weekend and both of my sisters
reminded me of our holiday traditions, and those memories have only sweetened with the years. I hadn't been motivated to decorate for Christmas in a while, but I actually hung two strands of red and green …