tuna & spinach salad

I don't know why, but I didn't give Easter dinner even one thought this year.
My brother and his wife were here to spend the weekend
with their daughter, son-in-law, and two granddaughters in Windsor. I did
enjoy time with them, but had 'bigger fish to fry' on Sunday.  It was a
check off my bucket list...see more on THAT here.
So when my poor husband Bob asked what's for dinner, I said. " I can
ROCK a can of tuna.' He was in.  I added chopped onion, celery, lettuce,
and dill weed seasoning.  A scoop of sour cream and mayo mixed in
made a lovely light meal and it wasn't til I got to work this morning that
I realized SOME people spend a lot of time and effort on Easter meals.
Is there ANY hope for me as a cook?  I am so disinterested in being
inside when I can step out my door and play with my horses, do chores,
and just revel in Colorado.   The Taste of Home Cooking School &
Local Cook’s Tour Expo is coming up Tuesday evening, April 9th in Fort
Collins. This is a dream come true for those who love to cook.  I just love to
eat.   Will you be attending?