I'm getting so excited for this event, fire up the stove and send me some recipes and be a star at the Taste of Home Cooking School with me next Tuesday.

D Dennison-TSM

I love the Taste of Home magazine, I find a lot of recipes and recipe ideas.


I have been reading it for years and am so excited for this event. Not only will we have a Taste of Home chef preparing several dishes, you may get to take the plate home. And wait there is more, our wonderful events manager has found a ton of local product producers, so just before the Taste of Home Cooking School, we'll host an expo to introduce you to some of the incredible products made locally.

I still have a couple of spots left to feature your recipe at the event and for me to make you a star, well, your favorite recipe will make you the star, I'll just tell everyone about it on the radio, on the web and at the event. So don't hesitate get me your recipe now and I'll also give you a pair of tickets to the Taste of Home Cooking School.