If you have listened to us for any period of time you know that we just ain't right. Todd and I have been together for 25 years and in that time have shared basically everything together...even what goes on in the bathroom.

I am not sure who started it but years ago Todd and I started to send each other "pooems". "Pooems" are poems you write while you are sitting on the toilet. I have received "pooems" from Todd from bathrooms all across this country. He has written to me from the men's room here at work to a loo in London. The key to a proper "pooem" is to somehow get the name of the food you ate, the place you ate at or the people you ate with in your "pooem".  We are a bit of an exclusive group but you may have what it takes to join the Porcelain Pooets Society. Here is mine that I sent to the club last night.

"My butt has requested I whittle it a cork
To plug the volcano caused by teriyaki pork"

You can have so much fun figuring out ways to rhyme restaurants like Black Eyed Pea, Old Chicago, Armadillo and your friends names with things lavatorial. Get creative and see if you have what it takes. Robert Frost would have been a great "pooet". "I came across two stools in the woods. I sat on the one least used. That made all the difference."