I'm all alone in the public restroom, a scary place for me in the first place, yes, a bit of a germ a phobe. (at least in a public restroom, if you want to share your mac and cheese, I'm in) Now I've been in a toilet paper situation before, and a girl learns very early on how to roll with that crisis, ancient girl secret, sorry can't share. But this, well it took me a while.

D Dennison-TSM

Judging by the picture can you tell where I'm going with this? So, obviously the first roll is empty and there sits a brand new roll. Problem here is that D Dennison doesn't know how to get to the new roll. I pulled and tugged and ripped at the new roll, still nothing, well not enough of anything to matter. So what did I do... first to ease your mind, I did not take this picture while on the toilet, that would be wrong in so many ways, how taking a picture at all in the stall is not, I'm not quite sure... secondly, I pulled and pulled until I freed enough tissue from the new, but out of reach and beyond my apparent abilities to get to roll. And lastly, it really cracked me up and I thought, I gotta share this with you, worst thing that can happen is that you'll wonder all day why I put this image in your mind or you could tell me how to get to the new roll should this ever happen again-the structure beat me this time!