2013 is in the books and we all want to know when the war in Afghanistan will cease. We lost 127 troops last year and for what's at stake, that's 127 too many!

As far as trends go, it's a good one.  Even though we did lose 127 troops last year to a senseless war overseas, in my opinion, it was the lowest number since 2007 when we lost 117.  Compared to 155 in 2008, 317 in 2009, 499 in 2010, 418 in 2011 and 310 in 2012, it's better.

Since October, 2001, California has the distinction of losing the most with a count of 489. Texas is next in line with 406 casualties, Colorado has lost 78.

Combining OEF, OIF and OND the number of Americans killed is 6762 as confirmed by U.S. Central Command.