It's a good question, but hey, some of the answer's are ridiculous. 10 ways to jump start your weight-loss.

10 Ways to Jump Start Your Weight-Loss Sean Gallup, Getty Images


  • Imagine yourself healthy and vibrant, okay, so if this works, let's imagine ourselves independently wealthy living on our own tropical island
  • Get to know your weight-loss personality, WHAT?
  • Record every food you eat, who has time for that? I can't even properly record my miles when I travel for work, and that happens a lot less than I eat
  • Look out for calorie creep, is that like the creeper on a Saturday night out on the town? Nope, actually means to watch out for the mayonnaise or soda or high-fat meat toppings on a pizza
  • Watch overeating at a restaurant, of we will do this, it ain't cheap to eat out... ha ha (that's an excuse, by the way) :)
  • Eat more fruits and veggies, at least this one is reasonable and will keep you regular
  • Low-Fat Protein is a great way to stay full longer, guess that makes sense, so grab a chicken breast and start the losing
  • Here it is, you knew it was gonna make the list, you were right... exercise! All you need is a little movement each day and that doesn't count what happens when you increase fruits and veggies in your diet. But remember when you are doing your 30-minute routine to add little things here and there like some weights if you're walking or a little jog every three to five minutes for a minute or two.
  • Keep track of your steps, it has a way of motivating you, I know that sounds far fetched, but try it.
  • This may work, but sounds silly for me. Try Yoga to avoid stress eating... I don't know about you, but my desire to stuff a couple handfuls of chips with I'm frustrated is a lot more pulling than getting down on all fours and getting into some furry animal pose.

Losing weight or getting past plateau's takes a bit of humor and less self ridicule. Get out there, have fun and watch what you eat, more in the amount that you eat than in what you are eating. And remember to refuel every three hours.

Good Luck!!!!