Sure, it's still shorts weather and summer, but before long, the pumpkin spice, brisk days and nights and colors will be changing.

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Here in Colorado, we are spoiled with some of the best scenery in the country and those sights and scenes get even better with those pops of color during the autumn months in particular when the aspens turn golden and show off for all to see.


Yes it's early but the weather in the mountains over the past couple of weeks between all of the rain, storms and cooler temperatures are already setting us up for some beautiful sights this fall. But the question is when?

Well, according to Denver 7 chief meteorologist Mike Nelson, things seem to be right on schedule in terms of when prime viewing for the spectacular fall colors will be displayed.


With all of this being said, things can shift and change a bit depending on freezes and precipitation or if we get an early snow or not but this is a pretty good guide to gauge to have a roundabout idea of when those fall colors will be popping this year in the great state of Colorado.


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