The time of year is here when we start to get scared and spooked at some of our favorite Colorado haunted houses. Now it's time to start planning your trip!

All throughout the state of Colorado, there are many great haunts that will make you jump out of your skin as something pops out of a grave or a window.

Many of these statewide haunted houses have been featured by some of the top publications throughout the country, so you know that they are very much work the trip no matter if they are 30 minutes down the road or two hours into the mountains.

But here are five haunted houses that we highly recommend for you to check out, along with what their opening weekend schedule looks like.

Make sure you use the bathroom before you go in, and prepare yourself by watching many Stephen King movies. These locations could scare you for the rest of the season!



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    Haunted Field of Screams - Thornton

    The Haunted Field of Screams markets themselves as Colorado's largest haunted attraction, and I will tell you that they certainly pack one of the biggest scares! The open for the season on Friday, September 23rd and have an assortment of admission passes to choose from, starting at $45.00. Keep in mind that all attractions open at sundown.

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    13th Floor Haunted House - Denver

    The 13th Floor Haunted House is rated highly by the horror organization Fangoria and has been featured on the Travel Channel. If you truly want to feel like you are in danger and want to be scared all night long, this is the location for you! They also start up on Friday, September 23rd with admission prices starting at $26.99. Keep in mind that this haunted house is not recommended for children under the age of 12.

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    Scream Acres at Fritzlers Corn Maze - Lasalle

    Fritzler's Corn Maze is a local favorite, and they offer "Scream Acres" at night which is awesome if you go with either your family or your friends. They also offer the ghost haunt and the "Zombie Paintball Slayer". Their first SCREAM will be happening on Friday, September 23rd as well and you can get the haunted combo ticket for $25.00.

    Todd Harding, TSM
    Todd Harding, TSM
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    The Asylum Haunted House - Denver

    The Asylum Haunted House in Denver has been featured on the Discovery Channel and Thrillist. They have a new attraction this year called "Ridgegate" which promises to scare you into the next holiday season! Their opening day is Friday, September 23rd and ticket prices start at $26.99 for opening day.

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    Anderson Farms - Erie

    Anderson Farms in Erie serves up "Terror in the Corn" every Halloween and it's Colorado's only hayride and ghost town attraction! Keep in mind this is a timed ticketed event, but well worth you getting your spot! They start Friday, September 23rd and ticket prices start at $22.

    Credit: Anderson Farms Facebook Page
    Credit: Anderson Farms Facebook Page
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    Hellscream Haunted House - Colorado Springs

    Hellscream Haunted House may be located in Colorado Springs but it is well worth the trip. Tickets start at $20 and they open for the season on Friday, September 23rd!

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