There's nothing better than food hot off the grill, is there?

Summer time is here which mean all food items must be cooked over an open flame. It's a rule. OK, maybe it's not a rule, but it's definitely the best option. Meat, veggies, fruit... I'll take it all! I've even seen recipes on line for cast iron desserts like cobbler made on the grill.

*mouth waters*

This begs the question or what we're grilling the most. Eat This, Not That recently took a stab at answering this. Looking at Google inquiries, they compiled a list of the Most Popular Grilling Recipes in Every State.

Hope you like corn.

That's the most-searched grilling recipe in Colorado this summer. I'm not mad at it. While I love a good burger or hot dog, that sweet corn brushed with melted butter is everything. It's sweet, it's savory, it's butter... what's not to like? Eat it straight off the cob, or cut it off for a grilled topping for a salad or corn salsa. Plus, I don't feel too bad for eating it, which means more calories left over for ice cream.

As for other states, there were some creative grilling recipes in that Google search bar. Washington is looking for grilled oyster recipes, Texas is throwing lobster tails on the grill, while Montana is getting good grill marks on pineapple. I wouldn't mind getting just a taste of all of these delicious offerings.

What are you grilling up this summer?

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