My wife always wants a fake Christmas tree. I am always lobbying for a fresh-from-the-farm tree. I might change my mind after what I read in Glamour Magazine. The article says as many as 25,000 creepy crawlers may be living in your real Christmas tree.

Top Bugs Found in a Live Christmas

According to Glamour,  these are the seven most common insects that make their homes in Christmas trees:

  • Aphids
  • Spiders and Mites
  • Adelgids
  • Pine needle scale
  • Sawfly
  • Praying mantises (Can bring up to 400 eggs with them)
  • Bark beetles.  .

How to Avoid Bugs on Your Christmas Tree

  • Examine underneath the branches and the trunk for any eggs or nests.
  • Leave the Christmas tree in your garage for a few days before bringing it into the house.
  • Shake the tree over a sheet to dislodge any bugs.
  • Spray the tree with neem oil to kill any bugs still living there.
  • Do not spray aerosol pesticides on the tree, as they are flammable.

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