Let me be the first to say, if you love your designer jeans, good for you! There are some awesome jeans that you can buy, get customized and whatnot for a decent price. However, would you pay $425 for a pair of jeans with fake mud on them to appear that you are a hard worker? No, that isn't a sarcastic backhanded joke of a question. It's a real one. Why would I ask you such a moronic question like that you might be asking yourself... Because Nordstrom is currently selling pairs of Baracuda "muddy" jeans that come embellished with fake mud. The last line on the description of the jeans on Nordstrom's site states that these jeans will makes the statement that "you're not afraid to get down and dirty".

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If you are not afraid to get down and dirty, you'd have absolutely no problem putting REAL mud on your jeans. For me, I think i'll take that $425 and buy myself 20 pairs of $20 Wrangler boot cut jeans and get some real mud on them myself instead of dropping a stupid amount of cash to look the part of an "American Hard Worker".

I look at these jeans and see nothing short of an insult to those farmers, ranchers and all of the other hard working people of Northern Colorado that wear jeans, not for fashion, but for work. Hard, laborious, work that anyone would that would even consider buying these jeans wouldn't last 15 minutes doing. Pay $425 for a pair of jeans so you can pretend that you look the part of a labor force of blue collar America for the sake of looking fashionable? GTFO here with that noise.

Of course, this is just my opinion. But, the same sentiment echoes far beyond myself, check out what Dirty Jobs host, Mike Rowe, has to say about these ridiculous jeans:

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