Bright Crocs, white Crocs, Crocs with heels and Crocs with socks; rock out with those Crocs out*, Colorado. The foam clogs aren't going away — that's a crock.

This time last year, word had it that Crocs may soon be a thing of the past (which many of us weren't too upset about), but these days, it's a different story for Colorado's own spaghetti-strainer-esque foamy clogs.

Crocs Shoes Increasingly Popular Amongst Trendy Israelis
David Silverman/Getty Images

CNN Money says that 'Crocs are hot again,' which is debatable. But, they've reported that sales were up nearly five percent to '$328 million last quarter compared with a year ago,' AND while Crocs were the butt of our jokes when I was in high school, younger people love them these days.

Perhaps out of novelty? Who knows, but CNN Money claims that high-margin online sales are coming from high school and college-age teens who buy them to wear before and after sporting events (something you'd never do when I was in school).

So, looks like for now, they're here to stay.

* 'Rock out with your Crocs out' is the intellectual property of Scruggs, who sometimes uses the phrase casually in social settings.

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