Tomorrow night is the night my dreams come true. I get to put on a show and perform at the Union Colony Civic Center in Greeley but this year there will be a big piece of me missing. I will be doing this, for the first time, without my partner Todd Harding who was injured in a traffic accident yesterday morning. He is going to be fine but will need some time to heal from the crash. I could never imagine doing this without him but the show will go. I will miss him big time tomorrow night. I count him to bring me comfort and make me better. I love him and will do this show with him on my mind and in my heart. The show must go on and go on it will. I have had to scramble to come up with some new ideas to fill Todd's spots in the show but I promise you that my twisted little brain has come up with things that are going to be a blast. I am leaning on my teammates Susan, Sparx and Alana and we have a killer show lined up for you.

I still want the presence of Todd there. I know how much he means to you as well so we are going to have one of our K99 crew walking around the entrance with a video camera and will give you the change to film a quick get well message to Todd and let him know we are thinking of him on this night that means so much to him as well. I know it just kills him to not be there but come a little early and take a minute to film a message for our boy. I know it would mean a lot to him. Another big thank you to the Greeley Stampede and my friends at Colorado Crude Carriers and Advantage Bank for helping make this unique show possible. See you tomorrow night!!

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