I just can't come down from the high of Friday night's Habajeeba Show at the UCCC in Greeley. I just want to take a few lines to dish out some much deserved messages of thanks. It takes a lot of people doing a lot of unseen work to pull this show off.

First off, thank you to the sponsors, friends and partners at the Greeley Stampede, Colorado Crude Carriers, Advantage Bank and The Boot for believing. Thank you to the whole staff here at Townsquare for all your help. The whole team stepped up and I can't thank you enough. A huge thank you to Joe Cross for being the man in the booth upstairs who puts all the effects together and produces the show. I could not do this without Joe and his talents. The entire crew at the UCCC are just amazing. Thank you to Neal and his whole crew there. Pure class. Thank you to my record label reps Mark, Raffi and Jill for sharing your incredible artists with us and for being such good friends as well. You guys are a blessing to me. Thank you to Officer Rebecca Ries from the Greeley PD, Corporal Matt Turner from the Weld County Sheriff's Office and Captain Tim Brown of the Loveland PD for hauling Susan on stage and being a part of our tribute to law enforcement. You were so kind and gracious. Thank you to my wife Kyla for all of her help and comfort. She is my rock.

I have a few special thanks to give as well. Thank you to Susan Moore for being my place to lean during the show. She makes me feel at home and I am so blessed to have this incredible, talented woman as my partner and friend. I love you Susan. Thank you to my teammates Justin Tyler and Alana Lynn for being in the show and always having my back. I am so honored to have you in my circle of trust. Thank you to Matt Sparx who lit up the stage Friday. I got to know Sparx and his twisted brain better than ever Friday and I am so happy to be working with such a kind and talented man. He was incredible in the sound effects skit. You are one funny man Matt. Thank you Todd Harding for all he does. He was not there on stage but his presence was felt all night long in all of our hearts and minds. Thank you to Lauren Alaina for being such a blast to work with. She was in about every single skit and was just a riot. She is as fun and genuine and kind as she is talented. What a joy to be near her. Thank you to William Michael Morgan for sharing your pure country voice, charm and friendship with us. You were a treat to work with and am proud to call you my friend. Thank you to The Last Bandoleros for blowing the roof off the place and being four of my best friends in this business. You are why I do what I do. What a future you guys have ahead of you. You are part of the K99 family forever. The biggest thank you goes to YOU. Thank you for coming to this show and making all of my dreams come true. This was such a magical night thanks to you and your applause and laughter. I am the luckiest man alive. Let's do it again next year.

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