Have you ever had melodic words or meaningful lyrics running through your brain that you felt the urge to express? Or maybe there's a short story swirling around in your head that would make for a great song. Thanks to a popular Northern Colorado venue, people can now anonymously turn their innermost stories into music.

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The Mish is already known for being a delicious bar/restaurant and lively concert venue, but a new installation inside the building is drawing even more creative minds to the establishment on the scenic banks of the Poudre River.

The Mishawaka's Song Confessional Lounge features a permanent booth where guests can let out their most personal thoughts, in the form of a song.

The Song Confessional works by first anonymously collecting recordings of people telling their stories. Inside the intimate space, patrons can fully spill their deepest secrets, without anyone ever finding out who they belong to. These "confessions" are then turned over to some of today's top songwriters, where the words are transformed into an original song. Then, the custom-made songs are shared on a podcast episode through the Song Confessional show based out of Austin, Texas. Currently, there are two song confessionals in the country collecting and turning stories into songs; the other location is in Hotel Magdalena in Austin.

The recording booth is open to the public during the Mish's regular business hours and is completely free. The lounge has a retro vibe, complete with comfy couches and neon lighting. Click here for more information about Colorado's Song Confessional.

And the next time you find yourself enjoying a concert or grabbing a bit to eat at the Mish, hop in the booth and tell your story!

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