A woman in rural Oklahoma took a crazy mugshot - and threatened to sue the local newspaper for running her picture 3 times in a week.

Velna I. Vanbuskirk, 50, was charged with assault with a deadly weapon on August 21 after threatening her neighbor and her neighbor's dog with a knife.

"I wasn't feeling very  good, so I made a face like a little bitty old timer and sucked my jaws in," said Vanbuskirk, who lost her teeth after liver disease and back pain prevented her from caring for them.

Her mother says the local newspaper ran her daughter's picture 3 times in one week, for which she threatened to sue.

"Velna has problems but she didn't deserve this," said Juanita Vanbuskirk. She declined to elaborate on her daughter's issues.

Photo credit: Cherokee County Sheriff's Office
Photo credit: Cherokee County Sheriff's Office

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